Red Fort – One of the Iconic Places to Visit in Delhi

Red Fort – One of the Iconic Places to Visit in Delhi

Well-known as Red Fort or Lal Qila among the land of people, the monument is a representation of the cultural, political and architectural majesty of the Mughal Empire inking the Indian historical landscape with rich sundry hues. The most interesting thing is that the red in the Red Fort was always not present. What most of the people don’t know is that the structure was painted red by the British only after the limestone from which the building was originally built in started to chip off.

Built in 1648 by Shah Jahan, the fifth Mughal Emperor and close the hearts of Indian pride, the Red Fort is known as a symbol of power and creativity. The hybrid of architectural styles within the Red Fort, along with its innovative garden designs has been instrumental in producing the designs of many other buildings and gardens.

Here are some convincing reasons to visit Red Fort, New Delhi.


Red Fort has a glorious Freedom Struggle Museum that showcases all the major highlights of India’s freedom struggle including visuals, booklets, portraits, lithographs and objects like guns, pistols, swords, shields, badges, medals, dioramas, sculptures and more. This is serves as a great tourist attraction.

Stunning Architectural detail

Standing proud on a space of 250 acres the Red Fort boasts of over 2 km of defensive walls embellished by bastions and towers. The fort bears a strong resemblance to an octagon and is adorned by limestone, vaults and flower carvings. The architecture, design and color sensibilities of the fort set a rare specimen of the Mughal Empire. The Lahori Gate remains to be the main entrance to the Red Fort even today.

Historic importance

The magnificent structure dates back to 1648 when it was first built as a exhilarated palace to serve as the capital of the Mughal Emperor, which it remained as for two centuries. The chief architect of the Red Fort was Ustad Ahmed Lahauri who started the construction in 1638. It took around 10 years around to complete the site. It’s a must-visit not just for its historical importance but also the splendid architectural elements.

Tourist shows

Located in the heart of the city the Red Fort is well-connected by all modes of transport and can be reached easily by metro, cab or a bus. If you are thinking to go by the metro then board off at the Chandni Chowk metro station. You can also take the heritage line which comprises the landmarks of the Walled city or Old Delhi and board off at the Red Fort metro station depending on your convenience.

The Red Fort is a must-see historic site for many reasons and it continues to be a prime, celebrated site for India. Flocks of tourists travelling to India visit the attraction frequently.

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