How Vrindavan and Lord Krishna are inseparable?

How Vrindavan and Lord Krishna are inseparable?

Stretched out on the banks of River Yamuna and approximately 15 Km away from Mathura city, Vrindavan is the birth place of Lord Krishna and is considered to be one of the most important places of pilgrimage for Krishna devotees. It is believed that lord Krishna has spent most of his childhood in Mathura and Vrindavan. Almost every corner of Mathura and Vrindavan is engulfed with unending worship of Lord Krishna. The Sacred place Vrindavan is well known for its countless antique and contemporary temples which attracts millions of devotees every year especially on special occasions and festivals such as Janamashtami – Lord Krishna’s birthday, Holi- the festival of colors, New Year and other times.


The occasion of Lord Krishna’s birthday known as Janamashtami is one of the major festivals in India. Celebrations take place in every house, streets, and temples by enacting scenes from his life, singing religious Lord Krishna songs, and children participating in ‘dahi handi’ activities. Prepared in open spaces with grand attractions like dance performances, the festival is celebrated in all states in grandeur. At this time of the year, one can witness the best of Vrindavan as the entire place is decked up and people from all over the world gather together to witness the birth of Lord Krishna. Today, many news channels cover the entire programme arranged in banke Bihari temple and ISKON temple. Small children are dressed up like adolescent Lord Krishna and Radha ji, and people visit beautifully decorated temples to worship and seek blessings of their Lord.

Mythological Tales about Nidhivana Forest

Apart from the occasions that lure people to visit the place, there are many interesting tales of Lord Krishna for which the tourists visit the place. According to the locals, the presence of Lord Krishna can still be felt in Vrindavan in the numerous temples dedicated to Lord Krishna and his beloved Radhika. If mythological tales are to be believed, there are several interesting stories based on Lord Krishna. According to the natives, even today Lord Krishna and Radha ji visit the Nidhivana forest every night and if anyone tries to witness or enter the place, they return blind so that they are unable to see the magical dance of Krishna and Radha.

Lord Krishna and Govardhana Mountain

Govardhana tale is another interesting story that the villagers narrate if you pay a visit to the place. The place is just 8 Km from Vrindavan and it is believed that Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhana Mountain on one finger to protect villagers from heavy rain and thunderstorm. Today, the hill, surrounding temples and the river tributaries in this area stand as major tourist attractions. There are many other tales about Lord Krishna and his magical powers for which huge crowds of devotees, both tourists and locals visit the place.

The city of Vrindavan houses hundreds of Lord Krishna and Radha temples spread throughout, the most celebrated ones being Banke Bihari temple and ISKCON temple. The energetic surroundings beautifully describe the lively and generous nature of Lord Krishna. Located along the waters of River Yamuna, the various temples set in the middle of the thick woods and lush greenery of Vrindavan are the major charms here. Also this little sacred city derives its name from the groves of Brinda and Vana meaning forest.

Vrindavan is undoubtedly one of the most sacred Hindu destinations, where beliefs of the people still stand strong that makes the place a celebrated charm. Being the most importance pilgrimage place for hindus, the city receives lots of tourists and devotees throughout the year. Be it any festival, the whole vrindavan celebrates it with full zest. Also the place is easily reachable by bus or railways. It is somewhere half way between Delhi and Agra and most of the people prefer visiting the place during weekends to seek blessings of the Lord and find solace in the sacred place.

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